THE SCENT… a matter of skin, contact, emotion.

THE SCENT… a matter of skin, contact, emotion.

Perfumes mean so much in our lives. Smells, perfumes, essences represent a source of pleasure for us and help us to express ourselves. It is in this spirit that we go to the perfumery to choose a new eau de parfum, already anticipating the pleasant sensations it will bring to our lives. The first rule for choosing the right perfume seems trivial, but it is fundamental: knowing yourself, being aware of your tastes will help you understand your aromatic preferences.

How to choose a perfume?
All the secrets to find the perfect one!

One of the questions that comes up most often is how to choose a suitable perfume, especially online. The world of perfumes is very vast, however perfume is an important accessory and finding the right one requires commitment; Whether it is a question of choosing a perfume for men or women, it is very important to understand 3 elements:

• OLFACTORY LOVES The first step in understanding which perfume is for you goes through your, let's call it that, olfactory sentimental story: which are the fragrances you loved the most? Are there any notes that you particularly love? On the contrary, is there any that you really don't like?

• FOR WHAT KIND OF SITUATION ARE YOU LOOKING FOR A PERFUME? The second phase requires you to define in which situation you imagine using this perfume: is it for every day or for a special occasion? For the office or for the evening? For example, for the office it will be fresher and more dynamic but more discreet, for the evening, richer, opulent and seductive.

The last question, and perhaps the most important, is needed to understand what you expect from the perfume, what effect you want to obtain... in short, how do you want it to make you feel: for example: safer or more seductive? More decisive or more reliable? Having clearer ideas about what you want will certainly help you choose the next perfume of your heart.

Eau de parfum and eau de toilette, what's the difference?

How many times have you bought a fragrance because you were captivated by the perfume you smelled by chance in a perfume shop, only to then realize, wearing it, that it is too evanescent? Or that, on the contrary, it is a little too loud in summer? Each fragrance is characterized not only by its olfactory pyramid, but also by the percentage of raw materials contained inside the bottle.

With eau de toilette we indicate a fragrance with a high alcohol percentage and a relatively low concentration of essential oils. Traditionally, in the formulation of these perfumes, the top notes of the olfactory pyramid are accentuated, i.e. those perceived first at the time of vaporization.

Eau de Toilette are light fragrances, due to the lower presence of essential oils, usually chosen by those who love delicate perfumes, they are perfect for the day, for work, in the office and for various important meetings.

The Eau de Parfum differs thanks to a two or three times higher percentage of essential oils, for those who want to wear a more persistent fragrance that lasts over time. This formulation gives the fragrance a good intensity and persistence, lasting up to 7 hours on the skin, perfect for people who want to smell their perfume throughout the day, but also to be worn in the evening. The character of the eau de parfum does not go unnoticed! Some fragrances should also be chosen based on the climate and the seasons. It is not recommended during the summer months or when we are in very hot places to wear fragrances with a higher concentration of alcohol, as it could cause spots on the skin with sun exposure, therefore, in spring and summer we choose to use eau de toilette with fresh, citrus, oceanic or floral notes. In the winter season, yes to woody and spicy fragrances that persist longer on the skin. Even the ph of one's skin can completely inhibit or, conversely, enhance the yield of the type of fragrance worn; Oily skins are an excellent base for applying the perfume and letting it persist, dry or acidic skins instead facilitate the evaporation of the perfume.

The olfactory pyramid

The olfactory pyramid is the classification of the olfactory notes that make up a perfume, therefore, each fragrance is classified according to the degree of volatility and persistence of the notes that make it up. Each fragrance is composed of:

• HEAD NOTES, these are the ones we feel right away, the exact moment the drops of perfume touch our skin, they are the ones we perceive right from the start and for this reason they are the most immediate.

• HEART NOTES, are those that begin to be perceptible after a few minutes, and that we feel immediately after the head ones; it is the warmest part of the olfactory composition of a fragrance, the one that often distinguishes the soul of the fragrance we wear.

• BASE NOTES are the most long-lasting and persistent notes, they can be felt on the skin after eight hours, but also the day after wearing the perfume (if the skin's pH allows it). The scented notes, based on how they are mixed together, make up the perfume, which is perceived differently based on the moment of application on the skin.

Tips to make the perfume last longer

The moment a fragrance appears, we leave something of ourselves to others, in fact, there are small tricks that can help you prolong its duration on the skin, or create the so-called perfume trail, therefore, some points on the body are better than others because they hold the fragrance more on the skin, as well as some fabrics. Furthermore, not everyone knows that there are strategic points where it is preferable to put the perfume, to make it last a long time, in fact, it must be applied to the pulsating areas of the body, in these points the skin tends to be warmer and in doing so it enhances the olfactory notes contained in the atomized fragrance. The most important areas where to put the perfume to make it last, to be applied in drops or nebulized are the neck, wrists, behind the ear lobes, behind the knees, in the crook of the elbow and on the stomach. However, not all skin types are the same and based on the acidity of the skin, the perfumed notes react differently and, for example, sweat can make a fragrance evaporate more easily. In addition to the exact points on the body where to spray the perfume, there are also some tricks that we want to give you to apply it in the right way.

• Apply it after a shower: this is the moment when the pores of the body are well dilated and the skin is clean and hydrated. In fact, when the skin is dirty, the fat that covers the epidermis prevents the perfume from sticking

• For a more discreet and light effect on the skin, you can spray the perfume into the air and walk slowly in the nebulised fragrance.

• There are fabrics that are more suitable for making the perfume last for a long time: wool and linen.

• The perfume must be applied 15-20 centimeters from the chosen point. Once you have learned all the necessary precautions on how to apply perfume and enhance it, it will be important to understand how your skin retains the perfumed notes.

Discover our perfumed line:


A floral amber fragrance, softened by velvety and sensual accents, enlivened by notes of delicate spices. The encounter between two extremes: amber and cedar wood, with a feral character, and the rose, a source of refinement and delicacy. Your senses will be drawn to a sumptuous blend, an unmistakable and intense combination of musk and bergamot, enhanced by the warm and lively notes of vanilla.

TOP NOTES Peach, Rose, Bergamot

HEART NOTES Jasmine, Lily of the Valley, Cedarwood, Patchouli

BASE NOTES Vanilla, White musk, Amber


A perfume that reveals its most sublime facets, the encounter between Tonka Bean and Rosewood gives life to an irresistibly surprising powdery fragrance. A bouquet of fruity accords give life to a perfumed, light and mysterious symphony, an explosive and refined momentum dominated by Patchouli and velvety Vanilla which remains in the background.

TOP NOTES Black currant, apple, orange blossom

HEART NOTES Patchouli, Rosewood, Iris

BASE NOTES Tonka Bean, Vanilla, Caramel


A cloud of freshness mixed with the penetrating scents of lemon gives the fragrance an extraordinary vitality. Super synthetic lends the perfume a sensual, warming and velvety shade of cedar wood and mandarin adds a juicy, citrusy and very lively touch. Fresh and sophisticated, it hides a perfect harmony of freshness and fruity notes.

TOP NOTES Orange, Lemon, Mandarin

HEART NOTES Jasmine, Cedarwood

BASE NOTES Vetyver, Amber, White Musk


The legendary Tiarè flower blends into a delicate embrace of absolute Vanilla, Jasmine petals and Coconut: sweet, exotic and enveloping, it gives wonderful and intense sensations, more than a perfume, a journey through a sweet and innocent taste and its intoxicating power, enhanced by the fresh floral notes of the rose and enriched by the radiant and refined base of sandalwood and musks.

TOP NOTES Coconut, Ylang Ylang, Orange Blossom

HEART NOTES Jasmine, Lily of the valley, Tiare flower

BASE NOTES Sandalwood, Vanilla, White Musk

The complete bath and body ritual allows you to sublimate the fragrances.

Furthermore, each person has a particular perfume that awakens emotions, memories, sensations.
Everyone has their favorite essence, each their own accord.