Organic Cinnamon Essential Oil 10 ml - Alkemilla

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100% natural Cinnamon essential oil, for external use.

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INCI: Cinnamomum zeylanicum bark oil

Botanical name: Cinnamomum zeylanicum

Extraction method: steam distillation
Parts used: bark
Quality: 100% natural

Organoleptic properties appearance: clear
liquid color: yellow
to brownish scent: sweet, warm and spicy, dry and tenacious; it blends well with Frankincense, Ylang Ylang, Orange, Mandarin, Benzoin, Balsam of Peru and in oriental-type mixtures.

Major constituents: cinnamaldehyde, benzaldehyde, cuminaldehyde, eugenol, pinene, cineol, phellandrene and others.

Uses In aromatherapy: the warm spicy fragrance of cinnamon essential oil has a stimulating and invigorating effect. It favors creativity and inspiration and counteracts the feeling of tiredness; diffused indoors, it creates a warm and welcoming atmosphere; it has an invigorating effect on the body reactivating the blood circulation as it has rubefacient properties, which means it helps draw blood to the upper layers of the skin, thus warming the area; this property can be used for active massages to relieve muscular pain, rheumatism, muscular contraction and headaches; its warming properties also have a flatulence relieving effect: a few drops diluted in a carrier oil for circular motion massages on the stomach help relieve tension and bloating caused by slow or poor digestion.

Recommended doses massages: 2-3% solution in a carrier oil (40-60 drops in 100 ml, or 5-6 drops in a spoonful for on-the-spot preparation) suitable for most areas of the body; 1% solution in a carrier oil or base cream (20 drops in 100 ml, or 2 drops in a spoonful for on-the-spot preparation) for delicate areas of the body and delicate skin types;

aromatic baths: 15 drops in 3 spoonfuls of honey, natural marine salt or neutral liquid soap;

airborne: 10 drops in an aroma or vaporizer lamp.
In cosmetics: it is useful for its perfume/flavoring properties and for its antiseptic and astringent qualities. cosmetic applications: as a perfuming agent for a warm and spicy scent, as an antiseptic and astringent for mixed and impure skins. recommended doses: up to 10 drops per 100 grams of product; add at temperatures below 40°C

Warning: it can cause irritation, sensitivity and allergies to the skin and scalp, it must only be used in very diluted concentrations and must not be applied to the face or other sensitive areas.

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Organic Cinnamon Essential Oil 10 ml - Alkemilla

Organic Cinnamon Essential Oil 10 ml - Alkemilla

100% natural Cinnamon essential oil, for external use.

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