Curly or wavy hair?

Here are the secrets to always have them perfect!

Curly or wavy hair?

Curly girl method: what it is and how to get perfect curls

Anyone with curly hair knows very well that taking care of and enhancing this type of hair is absolutely not easy. Very often, when we read advertising posts we find the acronym CGM, Curly Girl Method, a revolutionary approach to curly hair care that has won the hearts of many women all over the world, including Italy.

The Curly Girl Method is an approach to curly hair care developed by hair stylist Lorraine Massey, this method focuses on maximum hydration and definition of curls, eliminating the use of harsh products that can damage curly hair; The main objective of the Curly Girl Method is to obtain healthy, shiny and well-defined hair without using harmful ingredients.

Which hair to apply the curly girl method to?

Wavy and curly hair tends to dry out more than straight hair and to develop the dreaded frizz effect in contact with humidity or in the days following washing.

The Curly Girl Method is suitable for all people with very thick curls and natural wavy hair, this type of hair is in fact very sensitive and requires special treatment. In any case, this haircare routine could also benefit normal hair, using this method, you will be able to obtain natural curls with a healthy and natural look.

All this is due to the structure of the hair and its porosity, as well as the habit of using too hot hair dryers, straighteners and carrying out stressful treatments for the hair. Even the use of aggressive products or products that tend to dry out, as well as frequent washing, can be enemies of perfect waves and curls!

The Curly Girl method consists in taking care of your curls in the most natural way possible. First of all, it is necessary to choose effective but delicate products, as well as being dermatologically tested and nickel tested. What are the rules of the Curly Girl Method Italia When you approach the Curly Girl Method for the first time it might seem like something very complicated but in reality it is just a matter of putting small tricks into practice, and it is not excluded that some passages of the Curly method are not unknowingly already implemented by those who have curly hair, such as the exclusive use of the diffuser in cold/medium temperature and with a low/medium speed.

In order for the curls to be really strong and healthy, a few things must be avoided:

• Goodbye to sulphate: Cleansers containing harsh sulphates can strip curly hair of its natural moisture. In the Curly Girl Method, sulphate-free cleansers are used or co-washing is opted for, which involves using only the conditioner to wash the hair.

• No alcohol: Many hair products contain alcohol which can dry out and damage curls. In the Curly Girl Method, products with alcohol are avoided and moisturizing products without harmful ingredients are opted for.

• No silicones: Silicones are ingredients that can create a coating on the hair, causing build-up and preventing moisture from penetrating. In the Curly Girl Method, products containing water-insoluble silicones are avoided.

• Hydration and hydration: Curly hair needs good hydration to avoid frizz and maintain definition. The Curly Girl Method uses moisturizing products such as conditioners, masks and leave-in conditioners.

• Definition of curls: To obtain well-defined curls, specific styling products such as gels or mousses are used to favor the formation of curls and maintain definition throughout the day Step Super defined curls The Curly Girl Method is perfect for caring for curls with every wash.

To do this, it is necessary to restore the hair to its natural state, eliminating all residues of silicones and other chemical products.

Cleansing Final wash:

The first step is to remove the silicones accumulated in our hair, this step is known as FINAL WASH and it is important to do it to start the method from scratch, with hair completely cleansed of residues.

To do this we must use a shampoo that contains sulphates, but which does not contain silicones so that they no longer adhere to our hair.

Apply conditioner After cleansing the hair, apply a nourishing conditioner and gently massage it into the scalp and hair. untangle After carefully applying the conditioner, detangle the curls.

To do this, you can use your fingers or a wide-toothed comb, being very careful. Definition When the hair is still damp, it is possible to use products for styling and scalp care, we will be able to choose the product that our hair likes best and the texture that best suits our porosity (cream, mousse or gel) by applying them with hands doing raking or praying hand and then a lot of scrunch and finger coils for the most stubborn strands.

Drying To dry the curls it would be better to avoid heat, as it could ruin the hair. To dry waves effectively, stand upside down and wrap with a microfibre towel. Then leave to air dry.

In this phase, never run your fingers through your hair and do not use a hair dryer on dry hair.

Protect them during the night, going to sleep wearing a turban that limits the frizz with the pillow, or using a silk/satin pillowcase that makes the friction with the pillow softer than a cotton pillowcase,

Be patient Lorraine Massey, author of the method, recommends a minimum of three weeks to start noticing any changes in our hair; keep in mind that your hair will have to get used to the lack of sulfates and silicones and it is also likely that for some time it will look worse than when you used it, it will need a transition phase. During this stage they will look frizzy and lacking in definition, don't worry they will soon start to look better.

In conclusion, the Curly Girl Method is a revolutionary approach that has helped many women achieve healthier, more defined and more manageable curly hair.

If you have curly hair and want to make the most of it, this method could be right for you, on our website you will find different products in the dedicated category, suitable for your hair and approved by the method.

Try the Curly Girl Method Italia and discover a new relationship with your curls!