Alkemilla eco bio cosmetic

ALKEMILLA Eco Bio Cosmetic is an Italian company for the production of organic cosmetics with the aim of offering a safe and guaranteed product, respectful of the environment and animals.

Within the ALKEMILLA Eco Bio Cosmetic formulas, cutting-edge cosmetics technology and the precious wisdom of nature are united.

Today, our cosmetics represent the highest level of guarantee offered by organic cosmetics, boasting certification such as QC CERTIFICATIONS, AIAB, LAV and VEGAN QUALITY as well as being tested for Nickel, Chrome and Cobalt with a presence of heavy metals equal to 0.0001%.

We believe that the dedication, constancy and commitment that inspired us to create such a unique product is worth more than a million words…

When we imagined Alkemilla Eco Bio Cosmetic, we realised that… nature had already created it!