Now that you know a little more about the Curly girl method, It’s time to act. It is recommended to follow the method for at least three weeks to start seeing changes in the hair. If you still see your hair the same after this time, don’t worry: depending on how damaged or mistreated it is, the transition phase will last more or less a long time; but once you get over it, you will start to notice the differences and you will never want to go back.

What kind of hedgehog do I have?

Knowing the appearance of your curls before embarking on the Curly Girl Method is crucial. Depending on the shape of the hair you can identify up to 4 different types of hair: Type 1: Straight Type 2: Mossi Type 3: Curls Type 4: Afro Within the wavy-curly categories, subtypes A, B or C are distinguished according to the diameter of the wave and the spiral curling.

The basic steps Washing:
For a first approach to the Method, it is important to carry out the final wash, performing one or more washes with a shampoo that contains sulfates and not silicones. Then we will carry out from now on, washing without sulfates using the shampoo of our new line Curly: Gently cleanses the scalp and intensely moisturizes the curls thanks to the mix of valuable plant extracts such as Mango oil, Jojoba and Argan moisturizing and nourishing that strengthen the hair ensuring an intense shine and removing dirt, impurities and pollutant residues.

Post shampoo: Leave conditioner in curls, ie a product that unlike regular conditioners is applied to freshly washed hair and is not rinsed with water, used to provide extra conditioning to the hair, giving them moisture and softness.

Advantages of using a leave in:

-Moisturizes and combats frizz: provides more moisture and hydration than a normal balm, making the strands more elastic and strong. -Protects hair from environmental agents: helps protect hair from harmful effects caused by climate change.

Come ravvivare i ricci: Refresh: se vedi i tuoi capelli che non sono sporchi e non hanno bisogno di un nuovo lavaggio ma hanno perso di definizione, potranno essere rinfrescati ossia, utilizzando uno spray ravviva ricci ad azione idratante per recuperare la forma del riccio tra un lavaggio e l’altro. Questo riattiverà i prodotti utilizzati durante il lavaggio e farà restringere nuovamente i ricci.

Styling and definition: Modeling cream or curly gels, the choice of one product or the other will depend on the degree of tightness you are looking for; creams define and shape in a natural way, often can be more nutritious than gels and do not have a crunchy effect. The gels instead tend to leave the curl more defined, forming a transparent film around the hair called "cast" and thus preventing the frizz

How to revive curls: Refresh: if you see your hair that are not dirty and do not need a new wash but have lost definition, they can be refreshed ie, using a spray revives curly moisturizing action to recover the shape of the hedgehog between a wash and another. T

his will reactivate the products used during washing and will make the curls shrink again. Repeat the definition routine: If your curls are completely undone or if the routine of the day before failed, for whatever reason, you can repeat the refresh every morning after waking up.

How to keep curls at night Very important is, protect your hair when you sleep, to prevent it from flattening out. There is nothing more frustrating, than washing your hair carefully, define them and wake up with frizz, to properly protect the hair will need to rest on satin or silk pillowcases as they prevent the hair from rubbing against the pillow while preserving the natural moisture of the curl, Cotton pillowcases instead tend to absorb the natural oils of the hair causing the hated frizz.

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