Do cellulite wraps really work?


What are anti-cellulite bandages and what are they for?

The bandages for the treatment of cellulite and localized fat deposits are a lymphatic drainage treatment for the body; thanks to the active ingredients contained in the gel solution inside them and to the light compression of the bandages, they allow excess liquids to be expelled from the areas to be treated, promoting microcirculation and helping the drainage of liquids. In fact, the imperfection of cellulite is a symptom of an alteration of the fatty and fibrous tissue of our body and has as its main consequence a worsening of the capillary microcirculation. In medicine, in fact, the term "water retention" is used to indicate the tendency to retain liquids in the body. The stagnation of these fluids is generally higher in areas predisposed to the accumulation of fat (abdomen, thighs and buttocks. ) The main sign of water retention is edema, a condition in which the accumulation of fluids in the tissues causes them to swell abnormally. Due to the altered venous and lymphatic circulation, together with these liquids, numerous toxins also stagnate which alter a cellular metabolism already compromised by the reduced supply of oxygen and nutrients.

Have you ever stopped to evaluate the draining power of salt?

The treatment of water retention is based on the correction of the causes that gave rise to the disorder, some unhealthy habits contribute to aggravate the situation (excessive smoking, alcohol consumption, being overweight, predisposition for salty foods, drug and coffee abuse, excessively shoes, heels that are too high, and standing without moving for a long time). In cosmetics, to treat the imperfections of cellulite (obviously referring to the mild forms), expensive, demanding and hyper-functional solutions are not necessarily needed, sea salt is an excellent functional substance for fighting excess liquids and draining thanks to the osmotic power that allows the elimination of excess liquids!

How does the osmosis process happen?

Osmosis occurs when two solutions of different concentrations (in our case, body fluids and a solution of water and salt) are separated by a semi-permeable membrane (the skin). In general, the contact of the epidermis with concentrated saline solutions (up to dry salt), thanks to the osmosis process which is immediately activated, serves to reduce the stagnation of liquids in the subcutaneous tissues. Osmosis, for example, is able to restore the correct balance in case of cellulite. This imperfection is in fact caused, among other factors, by a slowdown in the circulation of the interstitial fluid, an altered cellular metabolism with the formation of nodules, due to reactive fibrosis, dilation of the capillaries and slowdown in circulation. In contact with the skin, the cream or scrub (which constitutes the hypotonic part), activates an osmotic process which releases excess liquids. Not only will a salt concentration gradient be created on the two sides of the membrane, but an equilibrium will be reached given by the passage of aqueous solution (which can permeate the membrane as opposed to only sodium chloride) from the area where there is less solute dissolved, to the area where there is more dissolved solute. The final result will be an improvement in the microcirculation with attenuation of venous stasis and inflammation of the adipose tissue. That's why there is a wonderful beneficial effect of salt! Properties and benefits of anti-cellulite bandages The bandages are bands of natural cotton stretch fabric that are usually applied to the legs (but can also be done on the whole body) and are impregnated with ingredients that allow the skin to be freed from excess water with a draining and detoxifying effect. leaving a feeling of firm, renewed and taut skin and, with constant use, visibly reducing the circumference of the thighs.

They are particularly indicated in case of:

• swelling;
• water retention
• cellulite in the edematous phase and in the fibrous phase (stage 3 of cellulite - sclerosing phase - is at an advanced level of the imperfection such as to require the intervention of a doctor or a specialized beauty centre);
• sluggish circulation (microcirculation problems);
• sedentary life (or if you stand a lot). Being soaked in a gel with a cold effect, ie which gives a prolonged cooling sensation, the summer period is perfect for using the bandages. Application ritual Before putting on the bandages, I suggest you take a picture of yourself in front of the mirror with your legs together and your legs apart, so that you can make a comparison at the end of the treatment.

I assure you that you will be pleasantly surprised…

At this point:
• first one leg and then the other, wrap the bandages starting from the ankle up to the inner thigh, slightly stretching the bandage so that it does not remain soft (when you get to the knee stretch the leg and continue to wrap the rest of the strip);
• Wear the Cartene Trousers so you can move freely during the laying period, without the lost liquids spilling around.
• stand for 40/45 minutes;
• remove the bandages and massage the excess product from the bottom up, until completely absorbed;

Contraindications of anti-cellulite bandages

These fabulous headbands are soaked in natural formulations so they are perfectly safe. They have no particular contraindications or side effects, just be careful not to bandage them too tight. During the bandage you will feel warmth, tingling or tingling: it is normal, it is the effect of the ingredients that are acting on the skin microcirculation. Also in pregnancy anti-cellulite bandages do not give problems. Clearly each of us is different, so for pregnant women I recommend not to use bandages on the belly and hips, ok on the legs.

How many bandages do you do a week?

It depends on the treatment. If you want to start with a Shock Treatment you can repeat the application 2 times a week for at least 1 month, while during the Maintenance phase reduce to 1 time a week or every 10 days. Even if you are following a Firming Treatment, I always recommend 1 time a week.

Is it better to apply bandages before or after a shower?

Do not shower immediately after removing the bandages, so the active will continue for a while their effect. So the answer is: absolutely apply the soaked gel bandages after showering!

Do they really work?

Many women wonder if bandaging your belly actually helps you lose weight. As always we want to reiterate that there is no such thing as a miracle product, just as there is no diet that makes you lose weight in a week or exercise to permanently reduce cellulite. The fact is that to lose weight and reduce cellulite you must have consistency and determination, and act on several fronts: for satisfactory and lasting results you must start from a healthy diet and adequate exercise, to which you can combine treatments specially formulated to help the process of slimming, such as bandages, clay mud, creams, massages, and so on.