Pregnant women. . .

take care of yourself during the 9 months

Pregnant women. . .

if there is a period in the life of every woman in which everything worries her, it is that of pregnancy or breastfeeding, an exciting period, but often involves many challenges for the skin.

First of all, it is always important to consult your doctor and talk about the specific skincare products that you want to use.
Most women, in fact, are not sure which skincare products can be used and which not , Therefore, following a precise ritual of skincare pregnancy body will allow us to ensure the right nutrients to the skin in this important and delicate period of life.

What do you risk?

Among the most common imperfections there are stretch marks, but also the spots on the skin are a nice problem but generally mainly concern the face. Instead, the legs are often affected by capillary rupture, mainly due to weight gain and poor physical activity.

What can we do?

Unfortunately, body changes leave ugly marks, which some women know well before pregnancy: we are talking about stretch marks. They are scars that occur on the skin, due to the rupture of the elastic fibers of the dermis. Indelible and 99% permanent, they initially have a reddish appearance but fade with time, becoming white and shiny. The tissues crumble creating real permanent scars on the skin.

The most affected areas are abdomen, breasts, buttocks, thighs and hips, they occur precisely as a result of changes in the body, during adolescence, pregnancy, weight gain after a diet or muscle mass.
Sweeten the skin, in this period as well as in other moments of life with the best ever, or rather the one most recommended by gynecologists, midwives and undoubtedly by most moms and professional beauty, beyond the brand, is sweet almond oil.

It is delicate and softening but above all has a great elasticizing effect, which is just what you need to the skin to survive and resist this period of strong changes.
It is used, therefore, to make a massage but especially to prevent stretch marks on the belly and breasts.
Generally we recommend the use of this cosmetic, of which you really need a few drops to cover all the necessary areas, from the first weeks of pregnancy until after childbirth.
The reason why it should be applied even after the birth of your baby is the same as the period of pregnancy: the skin will change again and quickly and these changes may prove tears, then stretch marks.

Valuable ally present among our articles is the body oil stretch marks 90/60/90, rich mixture of pure vegetable oils cold-pressed as almonds, apricot, castor and sunflower from the high moisturizing action, repairing and protective elasticizing prevents and reduces the risk of the appearance of stretch marks and visibly reduces those of recent formation.
Formula enhanced with organic extracts of Aloe, Arnica, Calendula and Mallow with strong moisturizing and toning together with the action of Vitamin E, leaves the skin perfectly elastic, resisting better to any skin stretching. Stretch marks in pregnancy: can they really be avoided?
There is to say that some women are by nature lucky and, despite the lack of use of any cosmetic product ad hoc, do not present any sign of tear.
On the contrary, it is not said that using always and frequently a soothing oil or a cream anti stretch marks these do not occur on the belly, hips and breasts.
So what we can do is prepare the skin, make it as hydrated and elastic as possible before and after childbirth, so as to avoid the appearance of stretch marks.

In our range of products of the line 90/60/90 meeting places : the cream anti stretch firming: Soft cream formulated with an active complex of oils and plant extracts, able to return tone and nourishment to the skin effectively preventing the formation of stretch marks; it absorbs quickly without leaving residue and makes the skin softer, elastic, smooth and velvety touch. Stretch marks, in fact, are caused by the sudden rupture of the elastic fibers of the dermis, a condition that occurs more frequently in conjunction with rapid development phases, weight changes, pregnancy; to prevent their formation it is necessary to intervene on the elasticity of the skin and tissues: the precious oils contained in this cream (Sunflower, sweet almond, apricot, olive, coconut, sesame and rose hip) rich in unsaturated fatty acids, vitamin E and A, nourish deeply, protect skin tissues from premature aging and promote natural cell renewal, resulting in increased tone and elasticity of the skin; complete the action extracts of Oats, Flax, Sweet Orange and Millet, emollients, softening and toning.
Attention to the ingredients. . . Alkolor . . Hair dyes You have probably often heard that when you are pregnant certain things you can not do, some foods you can not eat and certain cosmetics you can not use, such as the dye in pregnancy that many gynecologists do not recommend or indicate which products to prefer.
A common misconception about pregnancy is to avoid hair dyes because they could harm the fetus, in fact, some gynecologists advise to avoid dyeing in the first trimester of pregnancy, the most delicate period for the development of the unborn child, in which its organs are formed.

From the third month of pregnancy the product should be chosen carefully:

The label must contain the list of ingredients and precautions for use.
For the application of the dye must strictly observe the instructions in the package, keeping it on the minimum time required and carefully rinsing the hair and scalp at the end of the procedure.

You must wear gloves before handling the product and aerate the environment during the procedure.

The operation must be postponed if the scalp is irritated or is not intact. However, it is advisable to do a test before use, applying a small amount on the skin, letting it act for a time equal to the shutter speed, then rinsing thoroughly and observing the reaction in the following 48 hours.

The instructions for use and the exposure time must also be respected when using a product of plant origin The alkolor dyes can be used from the third month onwards, as without Ammonia, Resorcinol, Parabens and Para-Phenylenediamine, Nickel Heads, certified Quality Vegan and not tested on animals.

Inside Organic Argan Oil and Linseed Oil, wisely mixed with plant extracts protective, moisturizing and remineralizing as Bamboo, Passiflora, Zantalene, Cocoa and Mallow for an intense color and rich in reflections.

It also covers, perfectly white hair, leaving the hair nourished, hydrated and shiny thanks to the hyaluronic acid with high antioxidant power.

Try our Alkolor shades, you will find 18 different colors.