• Organic Avocado Vegetable Oil
Organic Avocado Vegetable Oil

Organic Avocado Vegetable Oil - Alkemilla

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  • Regenerating action
  • Restores skin hydration
  • Cold-pressed


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Organoleptic properties

appearance: clear liquid

colour: yellow-green

odour: characteristic

The dried pulp of Persea gratissima fruits contains up to 40% of a fatty oil mainly composed of glycerides of oleic acid (45-75%), linoleic acid (6-18%), palmic acid (5-25%) and palmitoleic acid (2-12%). An important component of Avocado oil is also the unsaponifiable fraction (2-12%) consisting of phytosterols, terpene alcohols, avocatins, volatile acids and fat-soluble vitamins.

Thanks to its fatty acid composition, which is responsible for its well-known nourishing and restorative properties, avocado oil has excellent eudermic and sebum-sensitive characteristics, penetrates the skin easily and facilitates the absorption of other active ingredients. In addition to protecting the skin from harmful agents (including UV radiation), the functional substances in the unsaponifiable matter stimulate the activity of the dermal fibroblasts by promoting the synthesis of soluble collagen (this fraction tends to decrease with age in favour of the insoluble fraction), while the avocatins act as inhibitors of collagenase, a protease that destroys collagen fibres. All of this translates into an effective action of stimulating skin renewal, resulting in increased hydration and elasticity of the skin.

By virtue of these characteristics, cosmetics containing Avocado oil, or enriched with its unsaponifiable fraction, are particularly suitable in anti-wrinkle, anti-stretch mark, firming and sun protection treatments. Avocado oil's strong normalising properties on the skin's hydrolipidic mantle also make it a valuable ingredient for all cosmetic products designed to restore the skin's physiological softness and hydration.

It can be used as a massage oil, alone or mixed with other oils, as a vehicle for essential oils or as a component of the fatty phase in cosmetic preparations.

Applied to the skin it is a safe ingredient at any concentration of use.

For external use; keep in the original tightly closed container; store in a cool, dry place, away from light and heat sources.

Persea gratissima (Avocado) oil





La pelle lo assorbenti subito , ed è fantastico anche come stracciatella. Super consigliato

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Organic Avocado Vegetable Oil - Alkemilla

  • Regenerating action
  • Restores skin hydration
  • Cold-pressed

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